About Richard Stirrup

Richard StirrupHaving been the managing director of an architectural practice in the North of England for 35 years, with clients ranging from health authorities to individual home owners, I moved to France permanently in 2008. I have owned a house in the Lot region of France for 23 years, I am fluent in French, assimilated in the area and passionate about maintaining and enhancing the wonderful houses here.

I have been a registered member of the “Ordre des Architectes Midi Pyrénées” since 2005 and insured by MAF (industry leader for French architects). Ordre des ArchitecteSince 2009 I have provided a diverse range of services for residential projects throughout the Midi-Pyrenees, Correze and Aquitane regions of France working for clients of many nationalities who prefer to speak in English to ensure their ideas are fully understood

The architect’s role is to ensure that clients realise their dreams and my approach is first to listen and interpret their ideas and then to develop these into a viable project. I provide the client with a number of sketch designs fulfilling their requirements and discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of each design. These may then be costed to give an overall picture. I then ensure that their chosen design is delivered to time and cost, with the minimal amount of personal trauma.

I work with a team of skilled and experienced CAD technicians and am in association with building surveyors who work throughout France.

I have been inspired by the region’s architecture since my first days in France and, over the years, have developed our own house in a manner which reflects the quality of the local craftsmanship, details and materials. I am alert to the differences in the architecture of all the regions and produce designs that are appreciated by both the local planning authorities and the Architectes des Bâtiments de France – the two bodies ultimately responsible for approving your application.


Phone/Fax: +33 (0) 5 65 21 11 45
Email: Richard@Stirrup.biz
Les Etriers, Le Bourg, Seniergues, FRANCE